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100% Natural Stevia Sweetener

₱ 150.00
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40 x 2g sachets


Natvia is a great tasting sweetener made from 100% naturally sourced GMO-free ingredients. Created from a unique blend of stevia natural plant and erythritol, a natural nectar found in plants, Natvia tastes deliciously sweet with no bitter aftertaste. Natvia was crafted for baking and cooking, and it tastes great in coffee and tea. The Natvia full range has been crafted for your coffee and tea and created for your sugar-free baking. Natvia has zero impact on blood sugar levels and is a 100% natural sweetener, with no sugar added.

The Natvia 100% Natural Stevia Sweetener have been specially crafted to complement your tea & coffee. Enjoy your moment of sweetness naturally. Each 2g stick provides you with 100% natural sweetness, a way to keep your coffee and tea tasty without any nasties.

Erythrito and organic steviol glycosides.

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