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Expra Natural Insect Spray Dispenser

₱ 2,200.00
Size: 500ml


Protects our family from Dengue.

A natural automatic insect spray that kills/repels mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, and other insects.

Contains 100% Natural Pyrethrins - extract from the Chrysanthemum daisy; at constant low dosage levels, insects are repelled making it the most effective insect control solution. Natural pyrethrins quickly break down in the environment leaving no insecticide residue.

Safe around people and pets

Attaches to the Expra Automatic Dispenser. It is not intended to be used on its own.

Refill lasts for around 12 weeks subject to normal use.


Indoor - Place the unit on a high shelf, cupboard or use wall mount hanger. Position no closer than 30cm below ceiling or 2 meters above floor. Ideally choose a position where the mist will be carried by light circulating air flow.

Outdoor - Ideal for covered outdoor areas. This product work best in slight breeze conditions. (High air movement will severely hamper it's efficiency). Place unit upwind in an elevated position, keep clear of naked flames, heat, direct sunlight and water. Not to be left out in the rain.

Not suitable for use in sleeping areas. Avoid installation over furniture, polished surfaces and appliances. Do not spray directly onto humans or pets, food (animal or human), food preparation surfaces or food utensils. Avoid installation where animals and humans are confined for long periods of time. Very ecotoxic in the aquatic environment and to terrestrial invertebrates. Not suitable for households with pet fish.


9g/kg Pyrethrins, 45g/kg Piperonyl Butoxide.

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