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MARULA Foaming Cleansing Oil

₱ 1,980.00

210 ml


Marula Foaming Cleansing Oil is a triple action hybrid cleanser that delivers all the benefits of a gentle oil cleanser in addition to the benefits you love from a traditional gel cleanser, without sulfates or oily residue. It transforms into a light foam and moisturizes skin while softly exfoliating to remove dirt and dead skin cells to reveal firmer, younger-looking skin.

Mix a quarter size amount with water and cleanse face in a circular motion, avoiding the eye area. Rinse with water. Follow with Pure Marula Facial Oil.

Curated African Oils including Marula, Moringa and Baobab, Encapsulated Marula Oil Technology, MarulaClean™ Technology - Exclusive Marula Oil derived surfactant, Natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Enzymes, Mucor Miehei derived Peptide

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