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Antipodes Sparkling Water 1-Month Ritual (1000ml x 25pcs)

₱ 5,250.00
₱ 5,375.00

1000ml/25 bottles

Get one (1) FREE bottle of Antipodes Still Water 1000ml for every purchase of this bundle! 

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Drinking water are not all the same, but Antipodes’ Sparkling Water is so pure that it is one of the world’s best. Drinking Antipodes daily can avoid acidity and reduce the risk of major health problems. It is the first water to be carbon neutral with a pH level of 7 which is the most ideal for the body intake. It is collected from a remote area in New Zealand whose untouched waters have remained the same for hundreds of years. Antipodes are exceptionally pure, for it only undergo a very simple microfiltration with no sterilization, disinfection, and sanitization involved. Once tried, the difference in quality and looks are noticeable.


A water’s subtle taste can be determined by the amount of minerals per litre. At just 130 milligrams per litre its minerality is remarkably low in comparison to many other waters. With much of this light minerality composed of silica, our water offers almost imperceptible flavour and a gentle, silky texture on the palate. The pH level of Antipodes is a neutral 7.0, providing Antipodes with its unique clean and subtle taste.

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