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Luxx Lash Magnetic Lashes - Bonita

₱ 1,699.00

11mm long, 27mm wide



Wispy with straight hair-like strands, giving you natural fuller lashes. This lightweight, feathery, curly lash is the way to go to make those eyes pop in an instant! The outward flare of Bonita lashes leaves the inner corners free to pull focus to the outer corners of the eyes.


Using your hands:

As you hold the top lash, position it on top of your natural lashes. Make sure it lines up as close as possible to you lash line.

Use your other hand to hold a bottom lash. Starting from the inner corner, connect the bottom lash to the corresponding magnet on the upper lash to lack the lashes in place.

Attach all the bottom lashes until you reach the outer corner of your eyes.

Using the Lash Lock:

Place the top lashes on the Lash Lock, ensuring that it follows the curved line.

Do the same for the bottom lashes.

Position the Lash Lock near your lash line then click and slide it to the side.

Removal Instructions:

Hold the top and bottom lash magnets at the same time using your index finger and thumb. Gently slide the magnets away from each other, one by one. Do not pull them off.

Care Instructions:

Please handle with care. When not in use, keep them in a curved shape and store in the case.

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