Timeless Classic Scent for Your Home

Indulge in Santa Maria Novella’s Pot Pourri.

Scent is often an underrated mood-setting amenity in your home as most home designs cater to visuals such as lighting, color, texture and pattern. We sometimes lose sight of the fact that our sense of smell is in fact the most intimate sense as it usually evokes feelings and memories even from long ago.

When you first set foot in a space, all senses work together, but the sense of smell has a five-second advantage over the others. It is the least visible, but the most noticeable in a living space. The scent welcomes, familiarizes and comforts us. Much like the fragrance we put on, it gives us a sense of identity. People will more likely recall how one smells, rather than how one looks (i.e. the color of a woman’s dress or the shade of her lipstick). Similarly, how your home smells can leave a bigger impression more than your lighting fixture, or the painting hung on your wall.

Santa Maria Novella’s Pot Pourri provides a relaxing, luxurious experience for your homes. Its well-executed, timeless classic scent strikes a balance between the richly dark and warm spices, and cool eucalyptus and bright, aromatic tones. Think of hotel lobbies and spas. Think of the most relaxing massage you’ve ever had.

Its mixture of berries, leaves, petals of flowers and herbs emanates from the Tuscan hills, produced to perfection for over three centuries. The 100-gram of Pot Pourri in an airtight bag can last for months. Just give it a toss occasionally, and the scent will fill the air in an instant. 

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