These Towels Are Made to Last

Here’s why we’re loving Linen & Homes’ plush towels.

When faced with stacks of towels in department stores, we often feel overwhelmed when choosing the best ones for our homes. We usually just rely on how they feel to the touch on the spot, not knowing how they’ll actually perform on laundry day.  

This is why we were extremely thrilled to discover a collection of reasonably-priced towels from Linen & Homes. Made with 100% eco-friendly bamboo terry and loomed to 700 grams per square meter, these towels will surely ease your worries, and exceed your towel expectations. Tried and tested, they may seem ordinary at first, but once you feel how soft they are and experience how great they work, you’ll understand why these towels stand out from the rest. Find out below why you need Linen & Homes’ towels stat.

Its softness doesn’t deteriorate.

Ever wondered why new towels lose their fluffiness after a few washes? That’s because they’re initially coated with fabric softener for the best first impression, which eventually disappears after the first wash. Opt for a material like bamboo terry, which Linen & Homes towels are made of, to give you that consistent luxe feel that won’t require you to ever use fabric conditioner. 

It says yes to absorbing moisture, but no to absorbing bacteria.

All towels are made to absorb, but thicker towels are better at absorbing moisture compared to others. The downside? It takes longer for them to dry, which in turn, makes them prone to odor and bacteria. But that’s not the case with these towels—they dry quicker and resist all negative substances to keep each use as fresh as the first.

They will still look brand new over time.

Unlike other brands, the ones from Linen & Homes will keep serving you brand new energy. They’re not too thick, but even after countless washes, its quality, texture, and color won’t degrade. Who knew that 100% recycled bamboo material could provide you that much-needed luxurious bath every single time? 

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