The Scent That Suits All

Who doesn’t love a gender neutral scent?

White Moss has become Acca Kappa’s best selling fragrance not just because of its subtle, clean and crisp scent but also because it can be worn by all types of individuals, and was created without any specific gender in mind. It’s a scent that’ll lingers from day to night, and is completely capable of making you feel relaxed all throughout the day, thanks to its light, and non-intimidating notes.

It is simple and comforting at first whiff. The subtle yet complex fragrances of its top notes—lemon, bergamot and juniper—bring harmonies of citrus, sweet, and woody scents. Sharp yet sweet, and a little bit tangy as it transports you to your first stretch in the morning, while standing on the balcony and waiting for the sun to take its first peek.

Onto the next few minutes, the smell that fills the air is pungently sweet and sharp. Think of the soapy, fizzy-metallic champagne that just popped. The aldehydes, cardamom and lavender scents permeate, which add a vague hint of nutty and spicy aroma.

The deep scent of its base notes blend well with its top notes as cedarwood complements and lifts the aroma of bergamot and juniper. Include white musk and ambergris into the solution, and you get an animalistic yet clean and natural aroma.

The lingering depth and warmth, powdery-yet -almost-nothingness-smell stays the most. Think of baby’s skin, while basking in the ocean air. The Acca Kappa White Moss smells clean, calm and reassuring. It’s a scent we all wish we could wear 24/7.

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