Light a Scented Candle Tonight

Bask in the glorious aroma of Santa Maria Novella

There are days when we want to switch off from the world, and savor a few hours of solitude. So if you ever need an excuse to light a luxurious scented candle, this could be the perfect time for that. And our candle of choice? Santa Maria Novella Night Scented Candle! Let the luscious aroma transport you to Florence, with the Dominican friars’ impeccable centuries-old formulae of fragrances and scents.

Lighting scented candles stimulate a sense of tranquility, as the sense of smell is connected to your emotional receptors. Certain scents can uplift your feelings or mood. Moreover, the soft flickering candlelight that warmly illuminates the room creates a gentle and relaxing atmosphere.

The Santa Maria Novella Night Scented Candle will soothe your senses. Its aromatic fragrance is rich and sweet, with jasmine and rose as top notes. These floral scents are known to calm the nerves and stimulate the feel-good hormones in the body. Also a great mood setter, the jasmine and rose aromas offer a positive boost, which help manage and lower levels of anxiety, depression, or even shock.

The Night Scented Candle has combined base notes of amber, caramel vanilla, oakmoss, sandalwood, and balsam of Peru. Its earthy undertones may produce a faint prickle at the back of your nose at first, but it’s not overwhelming. What lingers is a blend of smooth, creamy, and earthy scents even after the candle is extinguished. This alone makes adding the Santa Maria Novella Night Scented Candle to your bedtime routine (and to your shopping cart!) a relaxing haven! 

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