From Couch to 5k!

You'll transform from being a couch potato.

What is it like to run a marathon? Well, it’s time for you to finally try out your first 5k! So wear those capri length tights or shorts, technical running shirt, and running shoes that have been sitting in your closet for so long—but always make it a point to slather on SPF before you go into the sun.

With a mindset to finish the race, and friends to go with you throughout that tough first 5k, what else should you need? A reliable running coach to push you to get up from the couch and actually start! 

Renowned Coach Ige Lopez is the answer to your couch to 5k marathon runner goals! It's time to enroll in his Couch to 5k program where you'll personally be trained by Coach Ige himself for two whole months. The program entitles you to a customized program with weekly consultation and analysis of progress, one group run session per week to check running economy and pacing, and advice on gear and nutrition. And when you're ready, he'll give you dibs on races you can join!

Let's begin this journey from 5k and beyond!

Beauty Scout Exclusive!

Get Beauty Scout’s Athlete Wellness Bundle if you avail Coach Ige’s programs!

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