A Collagen Drink That's A Cut Above The Rest

Find out why this collagen drink tops our list.

When in Japan, it’s hard not to notice how most Japanese sport crystal-like skin. No matter what the age, pores seem to be non-existent, and their wrinkles are nowhere in sight! The reason for this phenomenon is that the Japanese are avid collagen users, and majority of them are loyal to only one brand: Fine Japan Hyaluron and Collagen.

Taking collagen keeps wrinkles at bay, improves elasticity, and results in skin suppleness. Since collagen levels decline as we age, and the only way to jumpstart its production again is through supplementation. We swear by Fine Japan’s Hyaluron and Collagen, and here’s why:  

The best selling collagen in Japan.

Japan is home to some of the best collagen supplements, and this product was all the rage in Sasa beauty stores, with long lines surpassing neighboring doors that resulted in frequent “out of stock” signs. It has been gold-awarded at the Monde Selection in Brussels, an International Quality Institute that certifies the quality of consumer products around the world. With over 5,250 mg in Fine Japan’s formulation, your collagen levels will surely get that much-needed and noticeable boost.

It's not just collagen.

Don’t be fooled, Collagen does not perform wonders on its own. It must be paired with hyaluron for it to smoothen, lubricate, and trigger the collagen to work. Aside from hyaluron, this product also contains biotin that provides the luster in our hair and nails, elastin for skin elasticity, vitamin c for antioxidants, and pearl coix extract for that enhanced skin tone. 

Made for your body to absorb.

What makes this collagen unique is that its structure is nanotech-coated, which allows the product to retain in the gastric system for your body to completely absorb it. If taken religiously, you will see results in as little as 15 to 20 days, making you finally  look forward to those makeup-free days for good.  

You can add the Fine Japan Hyaluron and Collagen to any drink you wish, but we recommend adding it to your daily serving of coffee or tea since its milky taste lends a delicious note as well.

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