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5 Celebrities Who Swear by this Collagen Drink

This drink is THE answer to your anti-aging wishes.

Ever wondered what potion celebrities take to get that enviable glowing skin? The secret to their plump, radiant and youthful complexion is taking collagen everyday. Collagen levels decrease as we get older because of constant gravity pulls, pollution, and sun exposure, and one of the surefire ways we can regain collagen is through supplementation. A local favorite that countless celebrities swear by is Belo’s Collagen Melon Smoothie. It comes with 5,000mg of premium marine collagen that has proven to be effective in fighting premature aging and regenerating broken collagen bundles. 

Here are five beautiful celebs who can’t miss a day without this drink.

Tessa Prieto Valdez

Collagen doesn’t just improve the physical appearance of your complexion—it also firms the skin! You’ll look forward to flaunting your skin-ready body like Tessa who manages to look half her age.

Vanessa Matsunaga Sunga

We still can't believe that Vanessa is already a mom of two. She maintains her youthful appearance by consuming collagen drinks daily.

Bianca King

Beach bum Bianca King is constantly under the sun so she makes sure to load up on collagen drinks to help fight free radicals and maintain a damage-free complexion.

Patty Laurel Filart

Lifestyle blogger Patty Laurel is almost always makeup-free, and still manages to look flawless every single time. Collagen surely gives her a natural radiance that stuns both in pictures and in person.

Marian Rivera Dantes

Marian’s skin is no doubt almost comparable to that of her daughter, Zia. She says that her healthy, smooth, and firm complexion is made possible by Belo Collagen.



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