Why You Need to Switch to Natural Soaps

They do more than just moisturize your skin.

The main purpose of soap is to wash our bodies, but it’s not all that we should consider when choosing our bath products. Uashmama, an Italian brand that is widely known for their eco-friendly but stylish washable paper bags, has come out with a collection of Natural Soaps that we can’t get enough of!

Uashmama’s soaps range from delectable variants such as Rosemary, Lavender, and Rose that ooze with their earthy aroma in the shower. The soaps are enriched with argan oil that will make your skin silky yet firm to the touch. Commercially-manufactured soaps tend to dehydrate your skin more, which can be irritating for people with sensitive, dry and itchy skin. But the soaps from Uashmama contain glycerin, which will naturally draw in moisture from your surroundings, and grant you maximum nourishment and hydration. 

Aside from their delightful scents and moisturizing effects, Uashmama Natural Soaps don’t contain any chemicals and animal fats—just pure vegetarian ingredients. If you’re worrying about germ elimination, antibacterial soaps haven’t been proven to be any better in bacteria removal compared to natural soaps. They contain triclosan, which is a pesticide that stops bacteria from growing but is also harmful to algae and fish once it makes its way down the drain and contaminates our water system. So keep in mind: switching to Uashmama Natural Soaps won’t just pamper your skin but will also help you do your share in saving the environment.

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