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Are Moisturizers for You?

They say that having oily skin is enough to stay moisturized, but is it true?

If you have oily skin, then you may have become skeptical about using moisturizers. Since you’re already producing a substantial amount of sebum, you may think that moisturizing is not a necessary step, but that's never the case. Ditching moisturizers can interfere with oily skin’s hydration levels and can lead to Transepidermal Water Loss. This is when the skin’s natural barrier is weakened and can no longer hold on to sufficient water that keeps the skin healthy. If you notice the signs of skin dehydration below, then it’s time for you to moisturize daily. 

Overproduction of Sebum

If your skin is oilier than usual, it’s because your skin is actually lacking water, which makes the glands produce excess sebum to compensate. We can control oil production with a moisturizer since it seals in the hydrating ingredients. Also, don’t forget that less oil also means less acne!

Dull Complexion

When your blemishes are stubborn and your uneven skin tone is prominent, then your skin is most likely dehydrated. Using a moisturizer daily is the best way to achieve a healthy and radiant look.

Tightening of Skin

Skin dehydration can cause uncomfortable skin tightening, similar to what we feel after a wash or shower—but for a prolonged period. The longer skin feels tight, the more prone it is to irritation, lack of suppleness, and elasticity. This in turn will lead to advanced aging and the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

So, lesson learned: Despite feeling oily, we must still remember to hydrate and pack on some moisture. Here's a compromise though, opt for lightweight formulations that won’t clog pores with heavy and thick consistencies. Try these:

1566980476-h-250-MISS FLOWER AND MR HONEY CREAM.jpg
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Orchid Enriched Cream

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