We Found the Purest Water on the Planet

Antipodes Water has won countless awards —here's why.

Water is essential for life. Our body needs it to regulate our body temperature, protect our tissues, spinal cord, and joints, improve our mood, as well as helping us maximize physical performance and many more. Everyone must know that water is not all the same which means that there are more superior bottles in the market in terms of health benefits.

Antipodes water was created so that people could drink the world’s best water from the world‘s purest country: New Zealand. It is the first water in the world to be carbon neutral. It is pure water, untouched from the source of water 327 meters below the surface. The water bursts to the surface under its own natural pressure and straight to the recyclable bottles. Others are then carbonated and capped without being touched by human hand. It is a natural water with no stabilisers and no chemicals, no industrial cleaning or processing.

Its orientation is neutral with a pH of 7, and it has remained this way for hundreds of years. The source is recognized as the deepest highest quality groundwater in New Zealand (BOPRC 1998).

Antipodes Water has a very low natural minerality, comprised mainly of silica—this translates to an almost imperceptible flavour and a gentle, silky texture on the palate.

Antipodes Water won the Berkeley Springs water awards in the US which is considered as the Olympics of Water. Since winning Gold in 2006, Antipodes has been the most awarded in the competition. Consistently winning year after year.

Antipodes joined the United Nations Environment Programme's Climate Neutral Network and became the world's first premium bottled water company to be certified carbon-neutral. This high-quality water is only available in restaurants, bars, gourmet food stores, fine wine outlets, in seven countries—and now via Beauty Scout.

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