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LikhaPH: Supporting Filipino Dance-Artists

Here’s how you can help these performers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a threat to our health, with thousands already suffering from the deadly virus. However, its overall impact negatively affects various industries and continues to displace many. This includes artists and performers who are part of the entertainment industry, left without work due to cancelled performances and classes reduced to those online, as entertainment is considered a non-essential.

In line with our brand core values of giving back to those in need through Scout For A Cause, where a portion of every purchase helps our chosen organizations, we at Beauty Scout—through the efforts of the Steps Scholarship Foundation—are in full support of LikhaPH. LikhaPH is a fundraising initiative that aids Filipino dance-artists from all over the country during this difficult time.

Through donations and contributions from various patrons, active outlets and sustainable programs, three key independent dance companies (Airdance, Daloy Dance Company and Galaw.Co) and over 40 professional dancers nationwide without work or are in need of serious medical care have already been supported through monetary and medical grants.

While the initial donations have been overwhelming, LikhaPH’s aim is to sustain these contributions for the next several months, and extend these to 158 other professional dancers, as we find our way back to our regular lives, in the midst of the uncertain situation we continue to face.


Interested in helping out? Here’s how you can contribute through your next purchase at Beauty Scout: For every Scout For A Cause Gift Box you buy (only the ritual comes in a special box, ready for gifting!), a portion will be donated to LikhaPH through the Steps Scholarship Foundation.

Head to beautyscout.com/likhaph to learn more about this special offer.



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