How to Get the Most Hydrated Skin of Your Life

This beauty bundle is THE solution for skin that’s perennially thirsty.

Dry skin isn’t just characterized by a lack of radiance or suppleness—it’s also plagued with fine lines, and is far more susceptible to premature aging. That's why it’s important to address dry skin ASAP. The sooner you nip the problem in the bud, the sooner you can fast track your skin’s road to recovery.

A surefire way to get the repair process going is to invest in a face serum that goes the extra mile. Dry skin needs extraordinary help as its skin barrier has often been compromised, and can no longer fight stressors like pollution and UV rays, or hormonal imbalance which can start as early as your 40s.

Helix-D’s Ageless Face Serum comes from the very same doctors behind the successful line of Strivectin products, and is one of the most effective skincare products in the market today. Unlike most moisturizers, it makes use of what’s called, a Dual Liposomic Technology or "DLT," and this essentially enables the product to penetrate skin much more effectively, thereby producing increased absorption, and ultimately giving you faster, more noticeable results.

The next product you’ll need to invest in is Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater which instantly refreshes the skin, thanks to its unique blend of herbal extracts and calming rosewater. This magical face mist coupled with Helix-D’s technologically advanced Ageless Face Serum will give you that much-needed one-two punch to slow down the aging process.

To properly incorporate these two products into your daily skin care regimen, we suggest you apply the Helix-D serum on a cleansed face, making sure to apply from the neck up, then finishing off with Mario Badescu’s face mist. We guarantee your skin will feel refreshed, nourished, and brand new.

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