Antipodes Water: Why You Should Drink It

It is the purest mineral water in the world!

The Antipodes Water, sparkling or still, is definitely a conversation-starter for many reasons. First, the bottle, like its taste, is elegant and fine. Second, the pure artesian water from deep in the New Zealand springs is a result of a carbon neutral process. And third, it has won countless awards over the years from prestigious water competitions like the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting and the Fine Water Society.

Antipodes Water has a gentle and subtle texture that goes well with food and fine wine. It lifts the taste buds for a full culinary experience, as well as refreshes the palate. 

Antipodes is also the first mineral water in the world to be CarboNZero certified. It has also been acknowledged for leaving minimal to no environmental footprint for its source-to-table process by the United Nations. 

With the increase in health awareness amongst the general public to hydrate and consume clean and pure water, the search for a clean and great tasting resource for drinking water is of utmost importance. This is where Antipodes comes into the picture. Antipodes is as pure as it gets. It is sourced from one of the least populated districts in the world with little industrial or commercial activity. In fact, the source has been naturally protected for over 50 years prior to bottling. The bottling process experiences less human interference from its source—327m underground—to the state of the art machinery to maintain the water quality.

Not only is the Antipodes water a conversation-starter, the healthy benefits of staying hydrated with the purest water is the most satisfying part of it all!

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