The Best Eye Makeup Looks to Pair With Your Luxx Lashes

Here’s how to elevate your Luxx Lash falsies.

If you’re still on the fence when it comes to eyelash extensions, or worse, struggle with lash glue and falsies, Luxx Lash’s false eyelashes just might be the answer to all your eyelash woes. These hi-tech lashes come with magnetic bases, making them ultra easy and quick to apply. The best part? You’ll be saving time, and will be able to devote more minutes to your eye shadow application.

Go natural but monochromatic.

The Luxx Lush in Bonita is the most natural looking of the brand’s selection. We love how its length and wispiness can amp up your peepers in seconds. To update your everyday look, sweep an eyeshadow shade all over your lids that pairs well with your lip color for that modern monochromatic effect.

Fuel your look with a distinctive liner.

Still in-between about getting a natural or a dramatic flare? The Luxx Lash in Paige will suit your whole-day affair. Apply a neutral eyeshadow for the day, then add a playful colored or glittery liner if you plan on heading out at night—it’s like jewelry, but for the eyes.

Match it with a soft but popping eyeshadow.

Heading to an important event? The Luxx Lash in Aeva are falsies that will surely make you stand out. Sport an elegant wash of lavender over your lids to go with your regal looking falsies.

Complete your look with a sharp flick.

Choose Luxx Lash in Frida if you want big, full, and fanned out lashes. Partner it with a glamorous bronze eyeshadow and don’t forget to add a winged flick for that seductive, cateye gaze.

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