3 New Ways to Wear Your Lipstick in 2020

Modern lippie trends to sport this year.

Let your lips be the focus this 2020. Sure, your eye makeup may steal the show on occasion, however, with a quick swipe of a lipstick in your fave hue, you can easily express your mood at any particular moment. Take a look at three lipstick trends that we predict will be the talk of the town this 2020:

Barely-stained Lips

Forget the bold lip. Get that soft, dreamy effect with the barely-stained lip. This look is inspired by the gradient lip that has been trending in the Korean beauty scene, and is fast gaining momentum worldwide.

To get this look right, start by applying lip balm, then fill your inner lips with a berry color. Blend out the color towards the edges, with a left-to-right swiping motion, and voila! You’ve got an ultra-wearable updated look for your lips that’s perfect for everyday.

Blurred Lips

Your lip liner can take the backseat for this one. This is the antithesis to the overdrawn lips we’ve been going gaga over these past years as the blurred lip trend goes for a more romantic and soft vibe.

A little smudge action is all you need for this look. Apply your lipstick, making sure to concentrate the color onto the inner part of your lips. Afterwards, simply smear the edges of your lips with your fingers.

Two-toned Lips

Make a statement by using two shades of lipstick—perfect for those who can’t decide which lippie to use. This look is not to be confused with the ombré or gradient trend as the two-toned lip look uses each color on separate lips.

Pick hues that aren’t far apart on the color wheel such as pink and red. Swipe the darker shade on your upper lip, then the lighter one on the bottom.

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